Dieter , Christian Ludwig 12 Pièces Concertantes op. 26 vol 2

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"In the 12 Pièces concertantes Op 26, Dieter is by no means a" little master. "To my Knowledge, these pieces for 3 flutes are among the best written for this composition in Mozart's time that there are always three pieces together and make up a complete trio The present edition follows the voices of the first edition of Breitkopf & Härtel / Leipzig (plate number 461) - third edition 1808. My revision referred to the review of the musical text and the Addition of necessary articulations and dynamics.Of obvious mistakes have been tacitly improved.All the additions on my part are indicated in the score (eg punctuated articulations or brackets ).In the individual voices was renounced with respect to the practical use of this identification. " - Ingo Gronefeld


  • Nr. 7: Allegro
  • Nr. 8: Romanze Andante
  • Nr. 9: Allegro
  • Nr. 10: Allegro
  • Nr. 11: Largo
  • Nr. 12: Alla Polacca, Allegretto con Variazioni


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