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I Love my Violon for violin and piano

I Love my Violon for violin and piano

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Following the tremendous success achieved over the past two decades by her method 'Je debute le violon' (HA 09738 and HA 09756), Valerie Bime-Apparailly presents an anthology of easy pieces for violin and piano, the interpretation of which requires only knowledge of the first position. Completed by a CD which includes the piano accompaniment of each piece as well as its complete version, this carefully designed selection displays a joyful diversity.
1. PONS, Espieglerie 2. MENDELSSOHN, Cavatine 3. HAUCHARD, Danse des marionnettes 4. HAUCHARD, Le voyage en Suisse 5. PONS, Carnet de voyage 6. GALLOIS MONTBRUN, Polka du Rossignol 7. PAPINI, Theme et variations 8. TROTT, The Puppet-Show 9. MENDELSSOHN, Conte serieux 10. KROLL, Donkey Doodle 11. CLEMENTI, Sonatine 12. MENDELSSOHN, Marche militaire 13. RIEDING, Rondo 14. RIEDING, Marcia 15. HAESCHE, Marguerite Waltz 16. HAYDN, Rondo a la hongroise 17. DANCLA, Polka 18. DANCLA, Redowa de Wallerstein



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