Peter Sheriden - Monologues & Dialogues

Peter Sheriden - Monologues & Dialogues

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Monologues & Dialogues

This recording features the resonant and meditative sounds of the modern day low flutes. These austere, breathy and even creepy flute sounds should inspire an abundance of musical imaginations.

These unique instruments transverse down to deep dark tones and into the depths of low frequencies still unexplored by most woodwind instruments, especially flutes. The hyperbass flute alone plays lower than a concert piano, as the subcontrabass flute shares the same range as the orchestral string bass.

The title of the album originates from the dramatic medium, yet has direct applications to our musical language. Monologue is the sharing of one’s personal thoughts and feelings to an audience, as dialogue is the written or verbal exchange between two or more people. During the late 19th century the terms found new philosophical meanings as the essence of ‘true dialogue’ was deemed an authentic relationship between human and human, and between human and God.

The musical purpose of the recording is based on this philosophical connotation of ‘true dialogue’. Any musical tone, phrase, instrument or even composition may also be considered an authentic relationship. These sonic relationships of musical sound and feeling create a purpose far beyond everyday entertainment, and may go as far as embodying healing powers for mind, body and soul.

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Track Listing

    1. In a winter landscape Madelyn Byrne 5:27
    2. Ulpirra Ross Edwards 1:32

Three for Two Adrienne Albert

    1. Dark and light 4:20
    2. Lament for Sarah 4:13
    3. Sassy 2:35
    4. Dark Star Gary Schocker 3:35

Noisy Oyster Hilary Taggart

    1. Noisy Oyster 1:59
    2. Defragmented 2:12
    3. Zephyr 3:43
    4. Partita 2:30
    5. Autumn Leaves 1:42

Serenade and Burlesque Vaughan McAlley

    1. 2:35
    2. 2:14
    3. Meditations and Memories Stanley M. Hoffman 3:53
    4. Differing Dialogues Vincent Giles 4:48
    5. Winter Sarabande David Loeb 3:36

Two Sonnets Mike Mower

  1. 4:08
  2. 5:11
  3. Serenade Houston Dunleavy 5:15
  4. Groaning Oceans Peter Sheridan Dominy Clements 6:21
  5. Quasi Latino Michal Rosiak 3:40


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