Blocki - Flute Zoo Book 2

Blocki - Flute Zoo Book 2

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Flute Zoo Book 2 – The Fun and Comprehensive Method for Learning to Play the Flute by Kathy Blocki

Book 2 begins with the notes C, B, A, G and F in both octaves.  By the end of this 32 page books, students will have mastered from  low E through high G, plus the notes that they already play in both octaves. In other words, students will have the satisfaction of being able to play many familiar melodies such as Happy Birthday and Mexican Hat Dance.

Many of the two page spreads are theme based.  The opening pages feature an inspiring jungle theme.  The first piece is Rounds of Tropical Rains with trils to represent the rain.  Next is Treetop Slumbers with the sloth hanging from a branch.  A pythom slinkes across the bottom of the page as the students are inspired to play the mysterious Perilous Pythons.  A spinder monkey swings from a branch on the opposite page while students play Flying High and the all time favorite piece–Jungle Clown.   The books continues with themed pages design to inspire students to portray the the ideas through the music.  Each page is carefully sequenced to introduce new notes iand concepts so that students advance  as smoothly as possible.  Careful review is build into the book to insure mastery of the concepts.

The “Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun Sticker Book” is the essential companion book for Flute Zoo Books 2 and 3.

The inside front cover has a blank music staff to use for note naming games.  Both the Teacher’s Manual and page 2 of the student Flute Zoo Book 2 give fun ideas for these games to reinforce note names.

On the last page of Flute Zoo  Book 2 is a certificate of accomplishment that students can proudly display.  Many of the songs also have a second part available in the “Flute Zoo Duet Book”.



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