Clarke, Ian - Walk Like this 4 Flutes/Choir

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Composer's Notes

This ensemble piece for concert flutes that is to be played with a sense of fun and attitude!!! It aims to be relatively straightforward to put together and yet contain new challenges for the majority of players. All parts contain easily accessible extended techniques which I appreciate may seem a little formidable at first, even to experienced players. However, they are great fun and, with a little practice, will soon begin to fall into place.

It is written for a range of playing standards which are outlined below. Due to the nature of the piece an advanced player can have fun and a challenge playing parts other than ‘flute 1’. The grade standard is a guide only and based on a relatively short practice period compared to an exam piece. - Ian Clarke

Flute 1 - Grade 6 + range up to top B
Flute 2 - Grade 4 - 5 with a range up to top G
Flute 3 - Grade 2 - 3 range up to top Eb (3rd 8ve)
Flute 4 - Grade 1 - 2 range from low D to G (2nd 8ve)

Download versions: These versions can be downloaded for free to further increase the flexibility of the ensemble.

Part 5 - Elementary version of Part 4 that can be used in addition to Part 4 or/and Part 4+

Part 4+ - a slightly more advanced version of Part 4



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