Clarke, Ian -Hatching Aliens - (flute & piano)

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Hatching Aliens - (flute & piano) [advanced – requires open-holes and preferably B foot]

In three movements - 'Something is there!', 'Alien Chill Out/Blue Alien', 'The Fear Returns - Battle Tempo'. Approx. 16-17 mins in duration. Emergent edition published in 2010.

Hatching Aliens is a journey of the imagination. It is not modeled on any particular previous work either by myself or other composers. However, it's primal explorations perhaps have some echoes of the feelings of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring along with hints of darkness of the film Alien whilst also seeking some resolutions, dialogue and empathies in, and with, the unknown. As with other works it has an existential dimension; certainly it reaches into origins, corners and twists of reality with for example the quarter-tones being used partly as a metaphor for peering in between. Our world can be curiously alien, frightening and strangely beautiful. Hatching Aliens themselves would presumably be fascinating, alluring and earth shatteringly scary all at once .... what would we learn about ourselves?

The opening section that begins inside the flute is the seed of the work. From here the work has taken on a life of its own which has always been intrinsically connected with the imaginations of the title.



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