Carolan's Concerto (Baroque Around the World)

Carolan's Concerto (Baroque Around the World)

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15 Easy to Intermediate pieces from 18th-century Ireland


The latest addition to the fast-growing 'Baroque Around the World' series is an Irish album consisting of fifteen haunting melodies by the legendary 18th-century Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan. The selection of easy to intermediate standard has been made by Patrick Steinbach; the pieces range in style from the Corelli-influenced 'Carolan's Concerto' through the rumbustious 'Carolan's quarrel with the landlady' to the composer's moving final air 'Carolan's dream'. Arrangements for flute (violin oboe) and keyboard with optional cello or bassoon are by Jeremy Barlow who has edited three other volumes in 'Baroque Around the World' of English French and Swedish music.



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