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Cachão, Fábio - …for the right reasons para Flauta solo

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 "... for the right reasons" exposes a reflection about the composer- performer interaction. Interpreting the role of each one in the simplest way, it is up to the composer to write a sequence of events in order to be presented by the performer in concert. Easy. However, the lines that guide the performer are always subject to multiple readings and interpretations, leading to different experiences at different moments. Accepting this and narrowing the relationship between the two parts, we come to the conclusion that the performer has a so significant role at the premiere of a piece never heard before, as the composer himself. Thereby, the composer will never be able to retrain a direct interaction, between himself and the audience. The performer has the unique and magnificent task to give life to a mere black painted paper, making this object also yours and only then to convey something transcendent to the audience. Nothing more, nothing less... Therefore, it is my duty to provide only the needed tools for a good understanding of what I aspire musically. The work is ours. The choices are ours, not mine. Our goal is the Music, and the clapping, these are for It.

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