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Burton, Eldin - Concerto for Flute

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Eldin Burton's Concerto for flute is little-known when compared to his famous Sonatina. Written in 1968, 20 years after the Sonatina, the Concerto explores Burton's sense of mature harmony and complex texture, while retaining his sense of engaging melody - and isn't that what we all find so appealing about Burton?

Where the Sonatina was written for Samuel Baron and his forceful, forward playing, the Concerto was written for John Wummer's more nuanced, slightly extravagant sense of stylish fun.

The first movement, Allegro Moderato, establishes themes and playfully lets the flute run up and down in quasi-cadenzas over the orchestra (or piano) developments. The second movement, Theme with Five Variations and Coda, is a prime example of Burton's easy melody writing; simple steps and arpeggios come together brilliantly, and the set of variations explores a variety of styles before returning to the theme in a quiet tranquillo. The third movement, Allegro con fuoco, is a speedy, flashing finale, with an interlude full of melody.

For the advanced player.

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