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Bitsch , Marcel - 12 Etudes (Leduc)

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Twelve Flute Studies by Marcel Bitsch is a set of studies for upper intermediate / advanced players. Edited by Jean-Pierre Rampal, this set is dedicated to Gaston Crunelle.

Each study in this book covers between one and 3 pages and focuses on a special aspect of practice: 

1. For evenness of the fingers 
2. For flexibility of the lips 
3. For Staccato 
4. For rhythm 
5. For freedom of phrasing 
6. For ornaments 
7. For double tonguing 
8. For speed 
9. For triple tonguing 
10. For tone quality 
11. For intervals 
12. Theme with variations 

These Twelve Flute Studies will really help serious players to master all the necessary techniques to get into more advanced levels. 

Marcel Bitsch is a French composer who wrote several orchestral works, some chamber works, and numerous pieces for wind instruments.

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