Bartok, B - Romanian Folk Dances for Flute and Piano - Arr Iitzes Gergely (UE)

Bartok, B - Romanian Folk Dances for Flute and Piano - Arr Iitzes Gergely (UE)

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NFA Award Winner 2017

For many countries, folk dances are important cultural treasures. While a first glance at these compositions shows their clear and simple structure with a distinct musical message, a closer look reveals rhythmic curiosities, interesting harmonic shifts, and a diverse expressive range. These characteristics must have enthralled Bartók, as he undertook several research trips to collect original folk tunes. Doing so, he experienced a wealth of culture, as well as a great diversity of people and nature, which he documented musically without altering the charm and authenticity of each encounter. 

Following a number of arrangements of the pieces (originally composed for piano), the Romanian Folk Dances are now available for Flute and Piano. Gergely Ittzé has captured the spirit of the Hungarian composer perfectly with his arrangements, combining an authentic treatment of the classical original with a sprinkle of contemporary elements. The resulting sound effects are a wonderful match for the old Rumanian peasant style of music. 

• Style and atmosphere have been captured in six colourful duo movements of intermediate to more advanced difficulty 
• These dances with such diverse melodies, rhythms and origins make sophisticated and entertaining concert pieces 
• Elementary pedagogical topics such as technique, meter, harmony, and articulation are addressed within authentic pieces of musical art



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