Baroque Flute Anthology 1 bk/cd - Edit: Annable Knight

Baroque Flute Anthology 1 bk/cd - Edit: Annable Knight

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The early music specialist and flautist, Annabel Knight presents the first in a series of four volumes dedicated to flute music from the Baroque period. Featuring 36 beautiful pieces scored for flute and keyboard accompaniment, this collection includes works by well known figures such as Bach, Handel, and Rameau, as well as lesser-known and rarely available pieces from a range of other composers.
Suitable for students of c.2-3 years of playing experience, this book includes composer biographies and teaching notes on each piece, together with a CD recording of all works performed by Annabel Knight and Robin Bigwood.


Barbara Allen (Oswald)
Valiant Joky (Oswald)
The Lovely Lass of Inverness (Oswald)
Menuet in G (Rameau)
Menuet in D (Rameau)
Tambourin (Rameau)
Marche du Prince d’Orange (L’Aisne / Lully)
Jeanne Qui Saute (L’Aisne / Lully)
The Sailor’s Dance (Purcell)
Your Hay it is Mow’d (Purcell)
Fairest Isle (Purcell)
Gavotte (Handel)
Menuet (Handel)
Musette (Handel)
Pour les Chasseurs (Handel)
Chorale: Ein’ Feste Burg ist unser Gott (Bach)
Chorale: Nun danket alle Gott (Bach)
Chorale: Jesu, Meine Freude (Bach)
Chorale: Befi ehl du deine Wege (Bach)
La Venitiene (de Montéclair)
Rigodon des Festes de l’Eté (de Montéclair)
Contredanse des Festes de l’Eté (de Montéclair)
Menuet (Loeillet)
Largo (Loeillet)
Presto (Telemann)
Tempo di Minuet (Telemann)
Sarabanda (Corelli)
Menuet (de Boismortier)
Bourée (de Boismortier)
Bourée (de Lalande)
Passepied pour la Jeunesse (de Lalande)
Sarabande (de Lalande)
Air Rondeau (de Lalande)
French Dance (Anon.)
Royal Wedding (Anon.)
Blowzabella (Anon.)



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