Bach, JS - Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1039 (Breitkopf & Hartel)

Bach, JS - Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1039 (Breitkopf & Hartel)

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FOR TWO FLUTES AND BASS CONTINUO This edition published 2016

Perhaps Bach actually did allow himself to be swept away by Telemann's enthusiasm for the Flute traversiere, the Baroque transverse flute, for which he wrote a whole series of pieces, including the Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1039. With the Urtext edition of the sonata, which presumably is the arrangement of a lost first version for two violins and basso continuo, Breitkopf adds the finishing touches to the series of Bach's Complete Flute Works edited by the renowned flutist Barthold Kuijken. In the publication's textual segments, Kuijken takes a comprehensive look at the various sources and versions. Also very useful for performance practice are the unique characteristics found among musicians who are particularly knowledgeable in early music.

The continuo has been realized by Ewald Demeyere, taking contemporary treatises into account.



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