Bach JS - Orchestral Suite No 2 Solo Flute/Flute Ensemble

Bach JS - Orchestral Suite No 2 Solo Flute/Flute Ensemble

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This is an arrangement of the famous Bach Orchestral Suite No.2 in D for solo flute and flute choir. The solo part has been left in it’s original form, while the accompanying choir has optional parts for contra-alto and contrabass flutes. The opening Ouverture is by far the longest movement, with a slow and highly decorated opening followed by a quick fugal section. A selection of dances follow; a Rondeau, a Sarabande, two Bourees, a Polonaise with variation, a Minuet and finally the famous Badinerie. The solo flute sometimes merely doubles the first choir line, but in other movements (most notably the Polonaise variation and the Badinerie) it has it’s own important part to play. A chance for a wider range of musicians to get to play this deservedly famous suite.

Solo flute with Flute Ensemble – 2 flutes, alto, bass, optional contr’alto and contrabass



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