Arriagada, Sergio - Latin American Etudes 10

Arriagada, Sergio - Latin American Etudes 10

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The easy Latin style of these atmospheric pieces makes for very enjoyable playing. The accompanying CD is again of high quality and despite the very high price it all really does seem worth it!

10 studies in the Latin American style arranged for flute with piano can be played with or without repeats. The performer is free to add mordents, trills, grace notes etc. as desired, to ornament the piece. Includes accompanying CD.

  • Yaravi et Huayno (Peru)
  • Cachimbo (Chile)
  • Valse (Peru)
  • Habanera (Cuba)
  • Sanjuanito (Ecuador)
  • Takirari (Bolivia)
  • Milonga (Argentina)
  • Joropo (Venezuela)
  • Guajira Son (Cuba)
  • Marchinha (Brazil)


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