Amlin, Martin - Sonatina Piccola For Piccolo and Piano (Presser)

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This cute and concise sonatina is a decent choice for inclusion in recitals for the piccolo. It is a tonal work, not particularly outstanding, but lively and cleanly realized.

Amlin was born in 1953, received his doctorate at the Eastman School of Music, and went to France to study with the legendary Nadia Boulanger. He became a Professor of Music at Boston University.

He is particularly known for flute compositions, and in 1997 wrote a Sonata for Piccolo and Piano in 1997 for Zartouhi Dombourian-Eby, the piccolo soloist of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, who premiered it at the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago in 1997. The assembled flutists found this work attractive.

Ms. Dombourian-Eby requested a short work from Amlin for the 1999 Convention of the same organization. Amlin decided to strive to keep the work complete in form, and decided on the concept of a miniature sonata.

The resulting sonatina is about six and a half minutes long, but has all the ingredients of classical sonata form (including a first movement development, an element often missing from the usual sonatina). But Amlin, rather than eliminating or truncating the usual formal elements of a sonata, keeps them brief mainly by using very concise melodies as his subjects. Thus, the opening Allegro scherzando has not only a development section but a traditional two-subject exposition and recapitulation; moreover, the exposition section also has a literal repeat.

However, he avoids having to include a coda by going directly to the slow movement, Andante espressivo, without pause. This is a simple song-form piece, the longest part of the sonatina at three minutes.

Again there is no pause before the next and final movement, Allegro spiritoso. This is a very athletic piece in rondo form.

The music is tonal throughout, and has clear, if not highly memorable, thematic material.



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