50 Classical Studies for Flute Ed Vester (UE)

50 Classical Studies for Flute Ed Vester (UE)

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Vester's famous collection of studies is an ideal introduction to the stylistic aspects of music from the 17th - 19th c. An attempt has been made to compile as varied a selection as possible, including such different types of study as melodic, stylistic, technical and virtuoso, spanning the two centuries.

Selected from the works of famous flautists such as Fürstenau, Böhm and Köhler, Vester's compilation is quite unique and standard repertoire for flutists.

  • Böhm, Theobald: 7 Studies from "24 Etudes" op. 37
  • Blavet, Michel: Rondeau from "1er Recueil de Pièces" etc (1735)
  • Demersseman, Jules: 6 Studies from "50 Etudes Melodiques" op. 4
  • Fürstenau, Anton Bernhard: 5 Studies from "26 Übungen" op. 107
  • Hugot, Antoine: 2 Studies from "25 Grandes Etudes ou Exercises pour la Flute" op. 13
  • Hotteterre, Jacques Martin: Ecos from "1er Livre de Pièces pour la Flute traversière" op. 2 (1708)
  • Böhm, Theobald: 10 Studies form "24 Caprices-Etudes" op. 26
  • Andersen, Carl Joachim: 2 Studies from "24 grosse Etüden" op. 15
  • Michelis, Vincenzo de: 6 Studies from "24 Esercizi" op. 25
  • Fürstenau, Anton Bernhard: 10 Studies "Bouquet des tons" from "24 Exercises, Caprices et Préludes" op. 125


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