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Colombian composer and flautist Carmen Marulanda (b. Bogota, Colombia) was already familiar with the musical roots of her native country at a very young age. Her artistic and professional life expresses the deep influence of these rich traditions. As a child she learned the Colombian repertoire, playing flute with the school band; later she entered the State band, went to festivals throughout the country, founded her own ensemble, composed original music and won several important prizes.
After earning her degree in Music Education at the Pedagogical University of Colombia in 2001, Carmen taught music, conducted children’s ensembles and flute in the most demanding neighborhoods during the rural migrations in Colombia. She was appointed flute teacher at the Luis A. Calvo institute, an important academy in her native city, and was awarded the coveted Mono Nuñez award for best Colombian chamber music ensemble for her work as a composer, arranger and director, in 2003 with her chamber quintet Camaradería.

Recently, she was invited as Lecturer-performer at the First Canadian Flute Convention in 2013 with her "Duo Clave" ensemble (Flute+Tiple), and to the Berklee Flute Association (Boston) and the Longy Conservatory, in Cambridge MA in 2013 -2014 to present her Books.

She is based in the Boston area and currently studying her Masters degree in Music therapy.

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