AMEB Flute L Mus

Section I. Studies and pieces Candidates must present a varied and balanced programme of between 40 and 50 minutes’ duration, including gaps between the pieces. Candidates must select at least one piece from each of lists A, B, C and D. Additional works needed to fulfil the time requirement may be selected from any of these lists. Candidates must ensure that the entire programme can be performed within the maximum time given.

Candidates for the Licentiate examination must present one work from their programme from memory; presentation from memory beyond this requirement in the Licentiate examination is at the discretion of the candidate.

Copies of works presented in the Certificate of Performance, Associate and Licentiate examinations must be provided for use by the examiners.

Candidates may elect to present works from List E (orchestral excerpts) in preference to any one of lists A, B, C or D. Candidates presenting orchestral excerpts must prepare all works on the list. 


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