Emerson, G - An English Garland (Emerson)

Emerson, G - An English Garland (Emerson)

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As well as the more familiar eighteenth century composers James Hook and Thomas Arne (who wrote Rule Britannia), this collection of 12 English melodies includes tunes by the less well known William Reeve, William Shield and Thomas Arne's son Michael. Charles Dibdin's "Tom Bowling", which Sir Henry Wood worked into his "Fantasia on British Sea Songs" - a corner stone of the Last Night of the Proms, is also here. The introduction provides a short history of Vauxhall Gardens in London, where many of these songs would have been performed and brief biographies of their composers.

  • Anon - The Contented Fellow
  • Henry Holcombe - Happy Hours
  • James Hook - Lack-a-day, O!
  • James Hook - He Piped So Sweet
  • Michael Arne - Care Flies From The Lad That Is Merry
  • William Shield - Robin Hood's Bower
  • Michael Arne - While Phillis Refuses
  • Thomas Arne - Under The Greenwood Tree
  • William Reeve - The Quaker's Song
  • William Reeve - Sweet Patty
  • Charles Dibdin - Tom Bowling
  • William Shield - Old Towler


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