Bloch - Suite Modale for Flute and Piano (Broude Bros )

Bloch - Suite Modale for Flute and Piano (Broude Bros )

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"Modale" refers to the musical scales and modes, which were used before major-minor scales became popular. The Ernest Block Foundation describes this work: This short work, lasting twelve minutes, is one of Bloch's last works. The four movements are closely linked and can be played with almost no break between them. The first, Moderato, is almost improvisatory with flowing passages for the flute echoed by the accompaniment. The second, Listesso Tempo is serenely thoughtful continuing in a gigue-like Allegro Giocoso. The last movement begins with a very short dirge-like Adagio, soon changing into an Allegro Deciso, rhythmical and gay, returning to the Adagio for a few measures. Again the Allegro takes over, slowing down to a Moderato, bringing back fragments of earlier themes. Very melodic with beautiful harmonies.



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