Reverie Vol. 1

Reverie Vol. 1

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Romantic original works for flute and piano


Reverie - under the title of a typical Romantic character piece this collection brings together Romantic original works for flute and piano by Kulhau, Silcher, Donizetti, Rheinberger, Godard, Caplet, and Verhey. They are well within the capabilities of advanced amateurs, suitable for school concerts, youth music competitions and also for the repertoire of professional flautists. Autographs, historical manuscripts and first prints served as sources, as far as they have been handed down. 

  • Kuhlau, Friedrich (1786–1832): Duo Brillant B-Dur/Bb major, op. 110/1 (1829)
  • Silcher, Friedrich (1789–1860): Variationen über „Nel cor più non mi sento“
  • Donizetti, Gaetano (1797–1848): Sonate C A 503; In.620 (1819)
  • Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel (1839–1901): Rhapsodie H-Dur/B major WoO 27 (1857/1898)
  • Godard, Benjamin (1849–1895): Suite de trois morceaux op. 116 (1890)
  • Caplet, André (1878–1925): Feuillets d’album (c. 1900)
  • Verhey, Theodoor (1848–1929): Suite op. 60 (1912)


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