Music By Ljubomir Oblikov


My name is Ljubomir and as you can imagine, not many people can pronounce it, so it HAD to be shortened (and we will not even mention the silent 'j')! Who would have thought that a perfectly normal name in one culture, would bring so much amusement and confusion in another.

The webmaster expressed the idea (in no uncertain terms), that there is no point in being shy on one's website. Come to think of it, if one has gone to all the trouble to have a website, one is already at least a bit of an exhibitionist.

I have been playing the cello for a while and it would not be an exaggeration to say that I love the instrument and the repertoire — solo and chamber, concerto and symphony. Then there is the quality of the different instrument makers, who contribute to the wealth of sound and timbre. One of the greatest pleasures in life is to be able to sit in front of an appreciative audience and present a programme of beautiful and well-loved pieces, supported by the piano. If one finds a pianist with whom one is on the same wavelength, it is truly a blessing.

Some time ago I began composing and am hoping that at least some of you out there will be happy to spend a bit of time listening to an opus or two...

  The following people were instrumental in bringing my compositions to a wider audience: Hanna Oblikov, Jane Bolinowsky, Catalin Ungureanu, Patrick Abrams and Denis Carnahan. I am most grateful to them for their professionalism and the care and love they brought into this project.


The Hills Chamber Ensemble has been through different permutations during its existence and is still surviving, although it would be really good if somehow we could find a way of bringing more people to our concerts.

Finally, my thanks, appreciation and love to Kylie Maxwell, who assembled the jigsaw puzzle into a coherent and beautifully unified entity.

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