Best Start Pack

Best Start Pack

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The Best Start pack contains:

(Default Colour Blue & White)

  • Either - Nuvo Recorder, Nuvo Recorder + or Nuvo Toot
  • Music Bag
  • Best Start Book

Best Start Music Lessons Book 1 introduce foundational musical concepts and skills to the young beginner starting on recorder, fife or flute.  As well as developing musical skills and competencies, these lessons aim to foster a love of music and music making.

Nuvo Recorder, Baroque Fingering, 21St Century Styling, In Transparent Bag

The Nuvo Recorder+ is a soprano recorder that is easier and more fun to play than a traditional recorder.

It has a unique silicone key system which allows for larger tone holes resulting in less squeaking than a traditional recorder and a warm, mellow tone. The key system enables beginners to progress more quickly and gain confidence in their musical journey.

The NUVO TooT is the sister instrument of the DooD. For a child ready to progress from the recorder, this is the perfect next step to ultimately playing the flute.



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