Pneumo Pro wind director

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A great way to get a great tone right from the start!!

A real breakthrough in flute pedagogy.

The Blocki Pneumo Pro® breath direction embouchure trainer was designed by Katie Blocki with beginning flautists in mind, but is actually a really useful aid to the playing of any wind instrument (including brass!!). All players need to learn the muscular control required to direct the breath up and down and to open the throat to give the richness of tone and control of breath speed and intonation required for advanced playing. It encourages students to "think down" when playing the high notes and "think up" when playing the low notes, thus avoiding the constriction of the throat that leads to poor tone.

A must for band directors, instrumental teachers, pro players and students alike!!


Fits into the body of a standard C-flute for practice with the instrument in playing position or can be used as a stand-alone item.


  • sturdy plastic construction
  • easy assembly
  • easy disassembly for storage or cleaning
  • washable
  • colourful and attractive packaging and design
  • part of a complete range of flute teaching materials


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