On Playing the Flute (Second Edition) Johann Joachim Quantz

On Playing the Flute (Second Edition) Johann Joachim Quantz

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Every flute player interested in the Baroque period should have a copy of this book. it is just a wonderful snapshot of musical performance techniques in the early 18th century. It starts with a history of the transverse flute and how to play it. Breathing and tonguing are covered, practice technique is set out and all style issues tackled. The descriptions are detailed and absolute - Quantz has very strong views! The language is of the period so it's not an easy read but this book is fascinating nonetheless. A must buy!
  1.  Short History and Description of the Transverse Flute
  2. Of Holding the Flute, and Placing the Fingers
  3. Of the Fingering or Application, and the Gamut or Scale of the Flute
  4. Of the Embouchure
  5. Of Notes, their Values, Metre, Rests, and Other Musical Signs
  6. Of the Use of the Tongue in Blowing upon the Flute
  7. Of Taking Breath, in the Practice of the Flute
  8. Of the Appoggiaturas, and the Little Essential Graces Related to Them
  9. Of Shakes
  10. What a Beginner Must Observe in His Independent Practice
  11. Of Good Execution in General Singing and Playing
  12. Of the Manner of Playing the Allegro
  13. Of Extempore Variations on Simple Intervals
  14. Of the Manner of Playing the Adagio
  15. Of Cadenzas
  16. What a Flautist Must Observe if he Plays in Public Concerts
  17. Of the Duties of Those Who Accompany or Execute the Accompanying or Ripieno Parts Associated with a Concertante Part
  18. How a Musician and a Musical Composition Are to Be Judged

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