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Winn , Robert  - High Performance Flute - The Sequel (Book + Insert with CD)

Winn , Robert - High Performance Flute - The Sequel (Book + Insert with CD)

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The Hallifax-born Professor Robert Winn has added a fourth book with new playing material to his series "The AMA Flute 2000" (610209E). After "High Performance Flute" (610260), which is suitable for beginners and intermediate level pupils (grades 3 - 4 - 5), now comes "High Performance Flute. The Sequel", for grades 5 and above.

The book begins like the others with tips for daily practice (including octave changes). Pupils and teachers get 68 new pieces which have been partly reworked by Robert Winn, for example the Allegro Rondo of the "Trumpet Concerto" by Johann Nepomuk Hummel or the "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel. Just as in the first "High Performance" book, the individual pieces also come with piano accompaniment. The CD includes around half of the pieces as a recording as well as further music material in the form of 28 duets as a PDF.

The pieces are from a range of time periods; from baroque to classic and from jazz to gospel - everything is included. A small sample: "Song of India" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, "Cool Carmen" by Georges Bizet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, P. I. Tchaikovsky and Giuseppe Verdi ("Il forza del destino" and "Nabucco"), as well as the flautist and composer Louis Drouet (1792-1873) are all represented by their compositions.

This is a successful book which gives pupils and teachers new, challenging playing material which is also suitable for concerts and competitions.

1. Daily Exercises

2. Aquarium (C. Saint-Saëns)

3. Register Changes

4. Sonate A-Moll (A. Corelli, op. 5, No. 8, Arr.: R. Winn)

5. Boléro (M. Ravel)

6. Étude in C Major (G. Garoboldi)

7. Ah! So Pure (von Flotow, Arr.: R. Winn)

8. Salut d’Amour (E. Elgar, op. 12)

9. Étude (L. Drouet, 25 Studies, No. 16)

10. Intermezzo sinfonico (P. Mascagni, Arr.: R. Winn)

11. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 41)

12. Arkansas Traveller (Trad.)

13. Song of India (N. Rimsky-Korsakoff)

14. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 37, No. 6)

15. Élégie (J. Massenet, op. 10)

16. Fantasia No. 10 (G. P. Telemann)

17. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 37, No. 7)

18. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 41, No. 2)

19. Aria (G. Donizetti)

20. Tambourin (F. J. Gossec)

21. Nabucco Swing (G. Verdi, Arr.: R. Winn)

22. Étude (E. Köhler, op. 33)

23. Meditation From Thaïs (J. Massenet)

24. Pavane (G. Fauré)

25. Songs Without Words (F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, op. 109)

26. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 41, No. 8)

27. Adagio from Flute Quartet (W. A. Mozart, KV 285, Arr.: R. Winn)

28. Nutcracker Suite – March (P. I. Tchaikovsky)

29. 4th Symphony II (P. I. Tchaikovsky)

30. Frühlingsstimmen-Walzer (Joh. Strauss, Arr.: R. Winn)

31. Fisher’s Hornpipe (Trad.)

32. Étude (E. Kühler)

33. Romance (C. Saint-Saëns, op. 37)

34. Vocalise (S. Rachmaninoff, op. 34, No. 14)

35. Étude (E. Köhler)

36. Waltz of the Flowers (P. I. Tchaikovsky, Arr.: R. Winn)

37. Por Una Cabeza (C. Gardel)

38. Trumpet Concerto – Allegro Rondo III (J. N. Hummel)

39. Madrigal (Ph. Gaubert)

40. Fantasy on Rigoletto (G. Verdi, Arr.: Fr. & K. Doppler)

41. Étude (J. Demeresseman)

42. La forza del destino (G. Verdi)

43. Boléro (M. Ravel)

44. Nessun dorma (G. Puccini)

45. Étude (L. Drouet)

46. Concerto in G Major – 2nd Movement (J. J. Quantz)

47. Violin Concerto – 3rd Movement (L. v. Beethoven, Arr.: R. Winn)

48. Étude (E. Köhler)

49. Morceau de Concours (G. Fauré)

50. Cool Carmen (G. Bizet)

51. Étude (E. Köhler)

52. Le chant du vent (J. Donjon)

53. Sonata in G Major (G. F. Händel, op. 1, No. 5)

54. Bassoon Sonata – 2nd Movement (C. Saint-Saëns, op. 168, Arr.: R. Winn)

55. Étude (L. Drouet, op. 72, No. 22)

56. Andante (W. A. Mozart, KV 315, Arr.: R. Winn)

57. Grande Polonaise (Th. Boehm)

58. Étude (E. Köhler, op. 33, No. 2)

59. Allegretto (B. Godard, op. 116)

60. Étude (L. Drouet, 25 Studies, No. 2)

61. Étude (L. Drouet, 25 Studies, No. 15)

62. Sonata No. IV (M. Blavet, Arr.: R. Winn)

63. Idylle (B. Godard)

64. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 30, No. 11)

65. Étude (J. Andersen, op. 30, No. 8)

66. Sonata A-Moll (C. Ph. E. Bach, Wq 132)

67. Syrinx (C. Debussy)

68. Scherzo (Ch. M. Widor, from Suite op. 34, No. 2)


Duets (Notes-PDF on CD)

69. A German Minuet (V. Roeser)

70. Allegretto in Bb (E. Köhler)

71. Allegro (F. A. Boieldieu)

72. Allegro (W. A. Mozart)

73. Annen-Polka (Joh. Strauss)

74. Badinerie  - from Suite B Minor (J. S. Bach, Arr.: R. Winn)

75. Con Grazia (E. Köhler)

76. Concerto in G Major – 1st Movement (G. B. Pergolesi, Arr.: R. Winn)

77. Duo (A. B. Fürstenau)

78. Entry of the Gladiators (J. Fucik, Arr.: R. Winn)

79. Folk Dance: Freut euch des Lebens (E. Köhler)

80. Für Elise (L. v. Beethoven, Arr.: R. Winn)

81. German Song – nach: Kommt ein Vogel geflogen (E. Köhler)

82. Grande Polonaise (Th. Boehm, Arr.: R. Winn)

83. Larghetto in Canon (W. F. Bach)

84. Largo (V. Bellini, Arr.: E. Köhler)

85. Mazurka (F. Chopin, Arr.: E. Köhler)

86. Moderato (E. Köhler)

87. Moderato in C Major (E. Köhler)

88. Non più andrai: Marriage of Figaro (W. A. Mozart, Arr.: R. Winn)

89. Operatic Melody (G. Donizetti)

90. Opus 75 No. 2 (W. A. Mozart)

91. Pavane (G. Fauré)

92. Sonata A Minor (A. Corelli, op. 5, No. 8, Arr.: R. Winn)

93. Sonata in F Major (C. Tessarini, Arr.: R. Winn)

94. Sonata in G Minor (G. Ph. Telemann)

95. Valse – Flute (B. Goddard)

96. Valse – Piano (B. Goddard)


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