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Jupiter Wave Flute 700WD

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The Loop Concept

A relaxed posture, a straight back and a calm breathing are prerequisites for a lively sound and the joys that music brings. This is only possible with musical instruments that are adapted to the player’s body. In the hands of a child, a traditional flute may cause tenseness that quickly leads to fatigue and discourages players from persevering.
As early as in the 1980s, JUPITER came up with the brilliant idea of a flute with a curved headjoint to counter this effect. The so-called U-shaped headjoint enabled small children to play the flute using a natural posture.

The new loop concept and the patented Waveline-Flutes are a refinement of JUPITER’s endeavor to encourage young players to pick up the flute. This concept is now available in different sizes and ranges, which are perfect matches for the bodies of young players of different age groups.


Model JFL700WD: 
Recommended for children aged 5 and up!
Tuning: C (lowest note d)
Headjoint with Easy Cut lip plate
Simplified mechanism, no trill keys
Without detachable footjoint
Closed-hole keys

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