Casterede, Jacques  -  D'Avril for flute and guitar

Casterede, Jacques - D'Avril for flute and guitar

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After hearing Casterede 's Sonatine D'Avril for Flute and Guitar, the realisation that his music remains in the shadows of his French contemporaries is one that is hard to fathom. Should you be a fan of Messiaen, then Casterede 's Sonatine D'Avril is one for you. Having won prizes in Piano, chamber music, harmony, composition, analysis and aesthetics in music whilst studying at Paris Conservatoire, it is not surprising that the composer's Sonatine D'Avril is full of musically appealing features. Elements include exquisite use of Flute technique, exploiting tonality, and clever accompaniment features in the Guitar. From allegro semiquaver passages to luscious melodies, Sonatine D'Avril provides an enjoyable listen and fun piece to learn for all advanced flautists and guitarists.

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