Stravinsky Igor - Petrushka for flute ensemble

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Duration: 12 min.

Colourful ribbons flying in the air, a cheerful crowd, a traditional fair taking place on the village square...These are the pictures that first come to my mind when I think of Petrushka. However, despite the joyful atmosphere, the main character's fate remains terribly sad.

Petrushka, a straw and fabric puppet, has been magically brought to life and thus endowed with real feelings by the Charlatan, his owner.
Yet he remains figuratively a puppet, manipulated by the Charlatan who constantly plays with him and controls his emotions : Petrushka will be rejected by the puppet he's in love with, the Ballerina, he will become jaelous of the Moor, and will finally be killed by his rival.

I've always been fascinated by Stravinsky's masterpiece. Firstly because the storyline, seemingly light and cheerful, deeply questions the human condition. And Stravinsky’s music, with such a complex structure yet inspired by popular songs, with the depth of sound and orchestration colors it provides to the orchestra, perfectly fits this philosophical tale.

The Sub-Bass Flute (Double Contra-Alto or Sub-Contrabass)it’s in G and sounds one octave lower the regular Alto Flute.

The Contrabass Flute (Double Contrabass)

The range is similar to the regular flute, except that it’s pitched two octaves lower. These two instruments are mostly used in the largest of flute choirs.

Flute Ensemble:

4 Flutes
Bass Flute
Sub Bass Flute
Contra Bass Flute


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