Philippe Bernold: Pronunciation

Philippe Bernold: Pronunciation

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Philippe Bernold: Pronunciation - Exercises and scales to master all the articulations on the flute and play with more eloquence and expression.


The articulation - the pronunciation - is a fundamental element in the playing of the flute.

Its mastery allows us to have a clear, varied, colorful and therefore lively speech. The transverse flute articulation is done by cutting the sound with the tongue, like a singer cutting a melodic line with words. This notebook aims to deepen these numerous possibilities of expression by relying on two series of major and minor scales, but also by addressing many exercises and orchestral features.

The work is divided into six chapters:
- The first chapter deals with the connection between the breath, the tongue and the fingers on major and minor binary scales and on major ternary scales with reduced scope (
level 1 scales );
- The second chapter focuses on the place of language. Through exercises often taken from the repertoire, it is the study of the “French” detachment which is approached here;
- The third chapter explores all the articulations on a new series of major and minor binary scales (level 2) with a larger ambit;
- The fourth chapter is intended to improve the speed of double and triple licks
- The fifth chapter deals with the different attack modes of sounds;
- The sixth chapter presents the main features of the orchestra, as well as a complementary study where articulation is the main difficulty.

There is a chapter at the end of the volume entitled “ Notes for the curious! »Consisting of in-depth articles as well as a paragraph on articulation through teaching methods from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

The audio accompaniments mentioned in this book are available on our Education Space: www.edu.billaudot.com/gb10000

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