Conductor Batons

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These are handcrafted and are made to order. We do have a small amount in stock. Please call us for details

The batons are made with blue gum wood other woods available on request

A couple of points to keep in mind when perusing our baton range.  All heel styles are as a visual guide only and displayed in a single wood.

* Please note there are minor discrepancies between various heels as each is individually crafted so texture and proportions may vary slightly from piece to piece.

* Length of shaft can vary depending upon the density of the timber - Balance is a priority in our process.

* Seasonal variations of timber will occur depending upon the fancy of the craftsman in our ready made products. - he/she chose the wood! :) 

* Additional images of a particular stocked piece can be provided upon request. 

Don't hesitate to ask for more information if required.  


The Lloyd Baton

A classic and perhaps the most popular design we offer.  Teardrop shape. 

The Molly Black Baton

Slim and simple design elongated cylinder tapering slightly to base of heel. 

The Clown Hat Baton

Oh yes - It's a clown hat,  probably best described as a conical (not comical) design.  

The Short Clown Hat Baton

The Pearson Baton

A diamond shape heel.

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